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Whistleblowing reform update - navigating Australia's multiple legislative regimes

Australia's multiple regimes prove hard to navigate

On 26 July 2023, Your Call CEO, Lauren Witherdin initiated an executive workshop with a select number of senior leaders from organisations subject to multiple whistleblowing regimes. Guest speaker, Professor A J Brown AM of Griffith University, was invited to provide an overview of the current regulatory landscape including 17 different laws (10 federal and 7 state) containing specific whistleblower protection obligations across Australia.

The discussion centred around:

  • Areas of difference and similarity between different regimes
  • Consequences of inconsistencies, gaps or conflicts for organisations subject to multiple regimes
  • Latest reforms and proposed reforms to the regimes
  • The practicalities for organisations wishing to achieve a best practice whistleblowing scheme.

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Meet the Experts

Lauren Witherdin-1
Lauren Witherdin, CEO at Your Call

Lauren Witherdin is the CEO of Your Call, having formerly led whistleblowing services at a Big 4 firm. She is a Chartered Accountant with more than 20 years of forensic experience and is one of Australia’s leading experts on corporate whistleblowing programs. Lauren contributed to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Whistleblowing and the development of Australia’s new whistleblowing laws.

A J Brown AM
AJ Brown AM, Professor, Griffith Uni

A J Brown is Professor of Public Policy and Law, and leader of the Centre for Governance & Public Policy’s integrity, leadership and public trust research program at Griffith University.

A board member of Transparency International Australia since 2010, he has led some of the world's largest whistleblowing research projects, funded by the Australian Research Council, ASIC, Commonwealth Ombudsman, AICD and others; and in 2017-2019, was a member of the Commonwealth Ministerial Expert Advisory Panel on Whistleblower Protection.  He was also a member of the expert group which developed the new International and Australian Standards on Whistleblowing (ISO 37002).